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Project Name Location Acoustic Treatment Details
Central Peak, 18 Stubbs Road
(Residential Complex)
Hong Kong NAP Resilient Floor System constructed with Amorim T66 acoustic underlay was adopted to isolate the impact noise in the bedroom area of the residential towers and finally achieved IIC 59, providing a living place with high quality and harmonized indoor environment for the health, wellbeing and productivity of the occupants.
Central Peak, 18 Stubbs Road<br/>(Residential Complex)
Haven of Hope Hospital
(Public Service)
Hong Kong NAP Acoustics has engaged in a roof-top chiller plant noise mitigation project for Haven of Hope Hospital with the unique acoustic design combining SNAPAcoustics New Era Acoustic Louvres and QRD Noise Reducers. This upgraded acoustic solution not only increases the noise attenuation of the louvre barrier but also provides an additional benefit of diffracted noise reduction, bringing a quiet environment to the healthcare workforce and patients.
Haven of Hope Hospital<br/>(Public Service)
Cross Bay Link, Tseung Kwan O Road D9 and Associated Works
Hong Kong NAP Semi-Enclosure Noise Barrier System made with PMMA panels of very high transparency erected on D9 Road to shield the residents of Lohas Park Area 86 from traffic noise nuisance while maintaining an unhindered view of the south seashore and promenade.
Cross Bay Link, Tseung Kwan O  Road D9 and Associated Works<br/>(Transportation)
The Peak Galleria
(Commercial Building)
Hong Kong SNAPAcoustics Enclosure System with Silencers erected at the top of the mountain to mitigate noise for 4 numbers of outdoor air-cooled chillers which operate 24 hours a day. The project ultimately was completed successfully and fulfilled the statutory requirements of the Environmental Authority, bringing back quiet living environment for the residents nearby.
The Peak Galleria <br/>(Commercial Building)
Reverberation Control for Speech Intelligibility
(Public Service)
Hong Kong, China Design, supply and installation of acoustic products by NAP Acoustics to enhance the speech intelligibility at the auditorium and exhibition hall of a renowned environmental and charitable membership organization in Hong Kong, including the installation of SNAPAcoustics Harmoni-Cork wall panels made with 100% natural and renewable materials and SNAPAcoustics Space Functional Absorbers at the Exhibition Hall; SNAPAcoustics Timber Acoustic Panels with multiple pattern designs at the Auditorium. These acoustic treatments enabled acoustic comfort and aesthetically pleasing environment, achieving ‘Visual Tranquility’.
Reverberation Control for Speech Intelligibility<br/>(Public Service)
One Shenzhen Bay T7
(Commercial & Residential Complex)
Shenzhen, China “Total Acoustics Solution” by Supreme-NAP including ‘Box in Box’ room acoustics treatment for the Sky Concert Hall located underneath the helipad,noise mitigation and vibration control for the service apartments, hotel floors, office floors, equipment and fire refuge floors, private club, ground floor lobby and outdoor cooling tower. Noise prediction and proposal in advance by Supreme-NAP enabled designers and architects to have intelligent design planning which minimized the cost and project delay incurred by late remedies.
One Shenzhen Bay T7<br /> (Commercial & Residential Complex)
Tian’an Sunshine Peninsula - 1000 Trees
(Commercial & Residential Complex)
Shanghai, China Noise mitigation for the cooling towers located at the roof top of the nineth floor by the adoption of SNAP Acoustics New Era Acoustic Louvres Incline Deco20 〫 series which is aesthetically pleasing and designed to cope with the brilliant ideas of designers. SNAPAcoustics QRD Noise Reducers were applied on top of the acoustic louvres to further reduce the diffracted noise and increased the barrier attenuation.
Tian’an Sunshine Peninsula - 1000 Trees <br /> (Commercial & Residential Complex)
Google Vertis North
(Commercial Building)
Manila, Philippines Open office design with no return air duct at Google North Philippines office due to inadequate headroom and limited ceiling spaces such that cross-talk became an issue. The application of SNAPAcoustics Cross-Talk Silencers helped to enable a quiet working environment, fulfilling the required speech intelligibility and privacy.
Google Vertis North<br /> (Commercial Building)
Park Hyatt Suzhou
Suzhou, China Noise mitigation required for cooling towers located at the roof top equipment area of the hotel that are extremely close to 2 residential apartments nearby. The adoption of SNAPAcoustics ‘Full Acoustic Enclosure Solution’ eventually achieved the noise criteria and is far lower than national standard. Decorative grating of the acoustic enclosure integrated perfectly with architectural design of the hotel, achieving ‘Visual Tranquility’.
Park Hyatt Suzhou <br /> (Hotel)
Intercontinental Shanghai Wonderland
Shanghai, China Application of SNAPAcoustics ‘All-weather Bidirectional Duct Silencers’ to resolve the noise nuisance caused by air ventilating system with high airflow velocity, bringing a silent and cozy environment to the hotel guests.
Intercontinental Shanghai Wonderland <br /> (Hotel)