Acoustic Louvres


 “Acoustic Louvres”

Whenever space is a limiting factor, Acoustic Louvres are the best to solve the acoustic problem. Serving a win-win solution - reducing the noise and at the same time performs as weather-proof louvre,  Acoustic Louvres can be used in almost any situation which needs to control the noise but at the same time must permit the flow of air.

‧ Noise reduction up to 26 dB at 250 Hz

‧ Streamlined design, low pressure drop

‧ "Rainlip" design preventing the ingress of water

‧ Modular design and wide range of sizes to suit various noise reduction and actual site requirement

‧ Wide choice of materials like stainless steel, aluminium and galvanized steel with various colours on request

‧ Aesthetically pleasing, single blades, double blades, rectangular and circular types available

‧ Widely used in ventilation systems of mechanical rooms, power stations, electrical transformer houses, workshops and car parks, etc.